Punch! In Your Mouth

By The Franklin (other events)

Monday, May 12 2014 7:00 PM 9:00 PM EDT


Join Colin O'Neill as he discusses the grandmother of all cocktails. The beautiful balancing act of chaos and harmony that takes place in bars today all started with the first bowl of punch. Taste your way through its not-so-humble beginnings from the seas of the East Indies, to the clubs and societies of the Americas. Get to know the five points of punch: Strong, Weak, Sour, Sweet, and Spice. Come get a Punch! In Your Mouth.

Punches to be served:
-Philadelphia Fish House Punch

-O’Doherty’s Arrack Punch 

-Whiskey Punch with Oleo-sachharum

-Lamp Lighter Punch (a "Franklin" punch)


About the Bartender:  Colin has been working at The Franklin for over 3 years.  He spent his first 2 years learning under former Head Bartender, Al Sotack, one of the country's premier cocktail creators.  Colin is one of the country's youngest, most talented bartenders.  Colin has recently been engaged to take over the cocktail program at Lemon Hill here in Philadelphia and there is no doubt that he will leave his mark there in the near future.  


If you have not taken one of the The Franklin's classes in the past, the classes are meant to be regarded as a "night out" with lots of education.  Translation:  our drinks are strong and delicious.  Any questions regarding the classes, please feel free to reach out to our General Manager, Aaron Siak, at [email protected]