The World of Gin

By The Franklin (other events)

Monday, August 25 2014 7:00 PM 9:00 PM EDT

Are you looking to explore Gin?  Are you interested in learning about the different styles of Gin and tasting them in various cocktails showcasing the different qualities?  Awesome, then this is a class for you!  Head Bartender, Mike "Juice" Treffehn, is back again and ready to drop more knowledge, this time on "The World of Gin".  


If you have not taken one of the The Franklin's classes in the past, the classes are meant to be regarded as a "night out" with lots of education.  Translation:  our drinks are strong and delicious.  The setting is intimate as it is just you, the bar, and your bartender. Every class also provides each "student" an opportunity to apply lessons from the class into making drinks at home.  Any questions regarding the classes, please feel free to reach out to our General Manager, Aaron Siak, at [email protected]